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This series of drawings is the result of two chance remarks.

I was complaining to a friend about having to plan dinner yet again and she told me the tale of the little table.  It seems all you had to do was clap your hands and say “Come, little table, come!” and a table would  trot in, beautifully set with a delicious meal.  When you’d eaten your fill just clap your hands and say, “Go, little table, go!” and the table would trot off to wash the dishes.   So, I said, where do I get one of those little tables?

Then, my daughter, about age 3, asked me as we were walking in New York City, “Why don’t homeless people just get jobs?”  With children you never know when the big questions are coming. I took a deep breath and said; “Well... what do you need in order to get a job?   To  go on a job interview you need to be clean and rested, so you need a bed and a bathtub. You need to think, so you need a chair. You need to eat, so you need a stove and a table.  You need to be other people so you need a few more chairs. We came to the conclusion that in order to have a home you need a job-but in order to get a job you need a home.

Let me never forget to be grateful for the homes I’ve lived in and the people who have worked to provide them.

To you who have lost everything, I know it’s easy for me to say this from the safety of my home, but I have three friends who lost everything--two to fire, one to a flood.  They rebuilt and now view what once seemed like the end of the world as a bump in the road, and part of their story.

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