Letʼs Talk About Color

John Ruskin said: “Color was made for the perpetual comfort and delight of the human heart.” I agree. Years ago many New York women were wearing bright purple puffy down coats with bright red cuffs. Every time I saw that purple and red on a dreary winter day I felt so great that I almost bought one for myself–they were expensive and not slimming–but I realized, luckily before I took out my charge card, that the lift I got from seeing that gorgeous color was all I needed. The color was the whole point of those coats for me.


When my brotherʼs third daughter was born I thought, “This man needs something pink.” The nice woman on the phone at Land’s End assured me that a womanʼs size large extra long turtle neck would fit a slim six-foot man nicely. It was a beautiful shade of pink but did he appreciate it? Honestly, youʼd think Iʼd asked him to put on high heels and lipstick! What is it about men and pink? If you ask me, next to a tuxedo, thereʼs nothing as flattering to a man as a crisp pink oxford shirt. I once gave my husband a pink shetland sweater and every time he got a compliment on it, and there were many, many times, heʼd say, “Takes a hell of a man to wear this color!” Wouldnʼt they be surprised to know that pink was once the color for baby boys, because itʼs the pastel of red, that most aggressive and belligerent of colors, and blue is the color of the virgin Mary!