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I keep thinking of categories for my thoughts but actually, everything I write about is so interconnected that I don't see the use of categories.   Art, work, marriage, children, faith, friends, home, music, my dog, everything has something to do with something else.   Maybe I should just write little bits--easily read in a minute. LIke this one.

When I begin a new piece I have a beautiful image of what it will be, but the first scratches on the page aren't much.  It's kind of like a newly hatched chick--we know it will be a thing of beauty but at the moment it's pretty scrawny. in every single drawing I have ever done in my entire life, and I mean absolutely EVERY one, except for just one in all my years of doing this, I have reached a point where I look at it and say,"This is not what I had in mind and even if it was, it's no good, and why did I ever think I could do this and why don't I just go back to bed?  And I always keep at it, and I almost always find that it's not all that bad, and then, maybe it's actually just a little bit good.  And then I reach the point where I love it so much I can't bear to leave it at the end of the day.  The trick is, and you may have heard this before–Keep at it.